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  • Personal Trainer Code of Conduct

    Professionals will be responsible for the actions of their clients and ensure they follow these rules.

    Our workplace is founded on mutual respect and we won’t allow anyone to compromise this foundation. 


    This section describes the policies that apply to everyone at our facilities: trainers, clients and stakeholders alike. These policies help us build a productive, lawful and pleasant workplace.  

    Confidentiality and data protection - We want to ensure that private information about your clients, other personal trainers, our partners and our company is well-protected. Examples of confidential information are: 

    ■ Personal Trainer records 

    ■ Data of customers/partners/vendors 

    ■ Customer lists (existing and prospective) 

     We are also committed to: 


    ■ Restrict and monitor access to sensitive data. 

    ■ Develop transparent data collection procedures. 

    ■ Build secure networks to protect online data from cyberattacks. 

    ■ Establish data protection practices (e.g. secure locks, data encryption, frequent backups, and access authorization.) 


    We also expect you to act responsibly when handling confidential information. 

    You must:

    ■ Lock or secure confidential information at all times. 

    ■ Shred confidential documents when they’re no longer needed.

    ■ Make sure you view confidential information on secure devices only. 

    ■ Only disclose information to other employees when it’s necessary and authorized. 

    ■ Keep confidential documents inside our company’s premises unless it’s absolutely necessary to move them. 


    You must not: 

    ■ Use confidential information for your personal benefit or profit. 

    ■ Disclose confidential information to anyone outside of our company. 

    ■ Replicate confidential documents and files and store them on insecure devices. 


    This policy is important for our company’s legality and reputation. We will terminate this agreement if confidentiality guidelines are breached for personal profit.  


    Respect for the equipment, others, and yourself in the gym. Be considerate of others. 


    Gym wear

     Please note that the appropriate gym attire including clean clothing and trainers are worn at all times while in our facility.


    Mobile Phone Use

    Personal trainers should never be focused on their phone instead of their client.

    Don’t download or upload inappropriate, illegal or obscene material using our corporate internet connection. 

    Also, you must not use your phone in areas where cell phone use is explicitly prohibited.


    Personal Hygiene

    Many gyms are a nightmare for unwelcome odours and out-of-place bodily fluids. FWS shall strive to ensure that the facilities are in a clean and odour free condition, please ensure that you do the same.


    Personal space

    You shall, and shall ensure that the client shall, respect the personal space of other individuals.


    Clients and Gym Users

     It is essential that trainers respect the space around other gym users while they exercise.

     Let People Work In With you - sharing is caring.



     Failing to return their weights to their correct place is unacceptable, when you have finished with your weights, put the equipment back when you’re done with it.


     Don't Hog Machines 

     Using a machine: ensure that your clients do their sets and move on.


     Use of Towels:

     People sweat. Clients must always use a towel when using equipment,  equipment must be wiped down before a client moves on. That applies to any piece of equipment.


    Pack it up

    All towels, gym bags, laptops must be packed up and kept in lockers provided. 



    No food or drinks except bottled water.



    Personal Trainers and their clients are not allowed to make a mess in the WC.


    Use of Studio by Personal Trainers

    The Personal Trainer cannot use the Fitness Workspace Studio for their own training, access is only granted for them for their client use.



    Any items stored in the lockers at any time will be stored entirely at the Personal Trainer or their client's risk and Fitness Workspace is not responsible for any loss or damage whilst items are in the lockers. 

    No items to be left in the locker outside of the opening hours of 5am -10pm.


    Personal Trainers and their clients are required to demonstrate courtesy & consideration to other users and in particular, must not behave in an aggressive, abusive, anti-social or threatening manner to any person. FWS reserves the right to remove or exclude any Personal Trainer and/or their Client if they are deemed by members of staff to be acting in such a way or are being inappropriate, dangerous or offensive.


    Harassment and violence - To build a happy and productive workplace, we need everyone to treat others well and help them feel safe. Each of us should do our part to prevent harassment and workplace violence. 


    Workplace safety and health - Our company is committed to creating a hazard-free workplace. To this end, we will ensure workplace safety through preventative action and emergency management.  


    Preventative action - Preventative actions are any actions we take to avoid injuries or illnesses related to the workplace. We will periodically conduct risk assessments and job hazard analyses [through a workplace safety committee] to uncover any health risks. We will establish preventative measures to address risks accordingly. 


    FWS and the Personal Trainer shall (and shall ensure that their Client) observe, perform and

    comply with all applicable statutes, rules, regulations and orders relating to its activities on the Site including without limitation the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all associated regulations and approved codes of practice.


    At a minimum, we will: 

    1. Hold training sessions on safety standards and procedures. 
    2. Direct inspectors and quality control to evaluate equipment and infrastructure regularly.


    Emergency management refers to our plan to deal with sudden catastrophes like fire, floods, earthquakes or explosions. Our emergency management provisions include: 

    1. Functional smoke alarms that are regularly inspected.
    2. Technicians (external or internal) available to repair leakages, damages and blackouts quickly.

    iii. Fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment that are easily accessible.  

    1. An evacuation plan.
    2. Fire escapes and safety exits that are clearly indicated.


    FWS is a smoke-free workplace.  

    We also advise you to: 

    ■ Extinguish your cigarettes and discard them in [outdoor ashtrays, cigarette urns.]

    ■ Avoid smoking near flammable objects and areas. 


    FWS is a drug-free workplace. Whether you are an employee, contractor or visitor, you must not bring, use, give away or sell any drugs on company premises. If you are caught with illegal drugs or show that you are under the influence of substances, FWS will terminate the agreement.


    Our connection to the world wide web must not be used to: 

    ■ Download or upload obscene, offensive or illegal material. 

    ■ Send confidential information to unauthorized recipients.

     ■ Invade another person’s privacy and gain access to sensitive information.

    ■ Download or upload pirated movies, music, material or software. 

    ■ Visit potentially dangerous websites that can compromise our network and computers’ safety. 

    ■ Perform unauthorized or illegal actions, like hacking, fraud or buying/selling illegal goods. 


    Social media


    We want to provide practical advice to prevent careless use of social media in our workplace. 


    ■ Ensure others know that your personal account or statements don’t represent our company. For example, use a disclaimer such as “opinions are my own.” 


    ■ Avoid sharing intellectual property (e.g trademarks) or confidential information. Ask the manager first before you share company news that’s not officially announced. 


    ■ Avoid any defamatory, offensive or derogatory content. You may violate our company’s anti-harassment policy if you direct such content towards colleagues, clients or partners. 



    Representing our company through social media 

    ■ Be respectful, polite and patient.

    ■ Follow our confidentiality and data protection policies and observe laws governing copyrights, trademarks, plagiarism and fair use. 

    ■ Avoid deleting or ignoring comments for no reason.

      ■ Correct or remove any misleading or false content as quickly as possible. 


    Packages / Sessions


    Must be paid for in advance in order to access and use the Facilities.


    Expires after 31 days from the date when the first session is activated.


    Failure to make a payment will result in bookings being cancelled no refund is available once a package is purchased.


    Sessions are only available on a first-come first serve basis, so ensure bookings are made in advance. 


    A session is a fixed period of no more than one hour, starting at a set time as determined by the FWS booking system e.g. 8am to 9am. 


    PT sessions are non-transferable and can only be used by a Client accompanied by their Personal Trainer.


    In the event that a Personal Trainer or their client arrive late, they will still be required to leave the Studio at the time in which the booked session is due to end. No session extensions will be given due to lateness.


     Cancellation of Sessions


     If a Personal Trainer or their Client cannot attend a pre-booked Session then the Personal Trainer must, as soon as is practicable, cancel the Session on the  FWS Booking System. If a session is cancelled:


    1. 24 hours or more in advance, no charges will be incurred.


    1. Less than 24 hours in advance,  the Personal Training session will be forfeited and no refunds will be given. 

    Please direct all questions relating to this code of conduct to [email protected]