Giorgio Mottura

I’m Giorgio (G for short) and I’m originally from Italy. I’ve been a PT & a Strength and Conditioning coach for almost 10 years. I define myself as a training NERD and I love to share my passion for training and my own personal journey, in order to help and guide you on your path. The core of my approach is sustainability: in my honest opinion, you’ll become consistent when your performance program will become sustainable. I always thought how do you teach someone consistency? Once I was able to acknowledge that consistency in performance must be integrated in your daily life, and not disconnected from all of the other aspects, then I was able to master the importance of sustainability. For example, general day-to-day life, moods, mental health, diet, physical activity, mindset, etc all play a huge part in the process. When I realized that in order for an action to become a habit it must be integrated and replicated everyday...unless it is your birthday of course! Consistency is something I will educate you on, support you with and ensure your life is changed for the better because of it. This is my project. My goal. My commitment to you. During our sessions, I’ll give you some hacks to reach your goals without struggling during the process and - instead - enjoy the process. Consistency through sustainability it’s my motto. Now what are you waiting for...your journey can begin today! See you soon, G!