Martin Bugaj

Martin Bugaj is a personal trainer and a body transformation coach. He has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years and has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals, delivering outstanding results. Martin specialises in body transformations and by working with variety of different clients he has developed a proven and tested formula for a successful body transformation. He believes, that as a professional who offers such service, one must understand every detail, every emotion and every step of the journey, in order to help, guide and fully support their clients. “Practice what you preach” is his mantra and he always stays active, always looking for new challenges and ways to improve his service and his clients’ results.  
Martin continually attends courses and seminars, reads textbooks and pays for mentorship programs with other highly respected coaches in the industry to further his education.    He has worked with other coaches to gain first-hand experience as a coaching client, when preparing for a number of natural bodybuilding competitions in a Men's Physique category.    He knows exactly what it means to push the body to extreme, experience cravings and struggle both physically and mentally when undergoing a body transformation, and this is why he understands his clients and is able to empathize with them when things get tough.